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Vauxhall Van Leasing


Vauxhall has always been the light bearer in the world of new vehicle trends. Its car models have never depended on advertisement and promotional tricks to attract the attention of people. The promise of better transport facility without any need to compromise safety, security and convenience has led this company to the throne of car manufacturers. When we are discussing about long term usage facilities and performance level, we cannot ignore the offerings of Vauxhall cars. Research reports on these vehicles show high level of safety, convenience, and efficiency features. Whether it is business, or official, or private transportation requirements that you desire to handle, with Vauxhall vehicles, it is easy and safe.


Leasewell and Its Offerings


Leasewell has gained appreciation from van lovers and service seekers by bringing an option to reduce the van purchase payment in a flash. Our leasing facilities are designed for the benefit of van enthusiasts. We take away the huge price tags that come with latest van models and we add easy payment facilities for reducing the financial pressure from the shoulder of people. The legal issues and terms of leasing vehicle are immediately handled by our professionals as soon as you apply for a vehicle. Our huge collection of vehicle provides options to van lovers and allows them to make their selection wisely. We always make sure that our service seekers are attended and their precious time is saved by shifting the monotonous issues of van selection process from their shoulders to ours.


History of Vauxhall


Since 1857, Vauxhall has successfully found its place in the world market after proving its mettle in the market of UK. This British car manufacturing brand has already made its mark in the UK car market and was awarded the title of ‘the second largest car sellers’ in the UK. The success that this car manufacturer has gained can be credited to its performance delivery, design ideas, and safety features. Aside from these features, Vauxhall has always maintained and improved reliability.


Marine Engineer Alexander Wilson has founded this vehicle manufacturing company, in the name of Alex Wilson and Company. However, soon after the name was changed to Vauxhall Iron Works. From its beginning, this company was recognized for developing marine engines and pumps. But, in the year 1903, this business setup had developed its first four wheeled vehicle.


The success of Vauxhall in the market can be credited to its comfort, precision, and safety features. But, Laurence Pomeroy has earned a place in building the reputation of this company. In the year 1908, Laurence Pomeroy was approached by the company authority to design a new engine. He took the designation of chief designer for Vauxhall and defined the qualities of this company by adding reliability, safety and convenience with aesthetic appeal.


The first vehicle model designed by this company was Y-Type Y1 and it immediately received acceptance of modern individuals. Aside from fashionable appealing, this vehicle model was capable of performing better than available van models, thus gaining recognition and popularity with ease. It offers high level of performance, better driving experience, while maximisation of carrying loads. Since then Vauxhall has successfully produced numerous car models and gained the acceptance of people.


And with the personalized services of Leasewell, it is easy to obtain the latest van model that you desire without suffering from the financial or legal hurdles.


Vauxhall Van Leasing Deals