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Toyota Van Leasing


We understand how essential it is to have a rough and tough commercial van, especially when your business requires transferring loads to distant places. Here, at Leasewell, you can expect leasing highly efficient vehicles. Our fleet of Toyota van models are there to serve your purpose. Toyota vans known for their sturdy build, practical and functional design can be perfect for your business needs. They can carry tricky loads, light to heavy cargoes and unusually shaped items easily from one point to another without having to worry much.


Toyota: A Look Back


Officially established in 1937, Toyota Industries created Type A engine at first. And soon after that they manufactured a passenger car, named, Toyota AA, which became a big hit and inspired the company to develop its own brand. While Toyota continued to produce vehicles for their customers, the Toyota Motor Company and Motor Sales merged and formed Toyota Motor Corporation.


Considering the demand for sumptuous car models in the 1980s American market, the company launched Lexus. Though, the company tried quite hard to supply better automobiles than Mercedes or any of its contemporaries, they weren’t that successful. However, soon after this Toyota regained its reputation and was able to establish trust in the market by refining all the yank models and introducing the then latest technology in Lexus. By the mid of 1990, the company could gain its good-will.


Not only did Toyota try its luck by introducing cars in the market, it also manufactured a number of reliable and affordable commercial vans and was quite successful in doing that. In 1947, the company began selling small sized vehicles such as Toyopet SA, Toyopet Corona, Toyopet Crown, Toyopet SB light truck and Toyopet Master.


Toyota’s Latest Van Models


Recently the company has introduced Toyota Dyna, Toyota Pro and Toyota Hilux etc., in its fleet of commercial vehicles. Most of the models come with modern day interiors and a car like comfort. When it comes to the technology each of them is upgraded with the latest technology. What is noteworthy is that each van other than offering comfort it comes with a whole of safety equipments. Scan through the significant features that most of models have;


  • Airbags
  • Steering wheel adjustment
  • Electronic windows
  • ABS
  • Electronic stability control
  • Remote central locking
  • Twin sliding doors


Also, a few of the models feature air conditioning systems, CD players so on and so forth for the comfort and entertainment of the driver and passengers.


Toyota Van Leasing Deals


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If you are looking for a sturdy and highly functional van for your business consider taking a look our Toyota models. As of now, we are offering Toyota Hi-lux Double Cab for lease. To lease or find the specification of this awe-inspiring van, speak to one of our staffs members. They can help you know about our payment options and help you lease the right van for your business.


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