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Terms and Conditions

We at Van Leasing Now value the privacy of the visitors and ensure accurate information is offered to them. We are committed to provide online safety to our visitors at anytime they visit our site. Though we make every effort to deliver updated product information this site should neither be considered as an infallible guide to our fleet of vehicles, nor as a constitution offering sale of vehicles.

Our Privacy Policy proffers a thorough explanation about the personal data rendered to us. This Privacy Policy is maintained at regular intervals for the ease of usage. However, this site makes use of cookies through multiple ways including:

Site Usage Statistics

Cookies can be installed on computer, smart phone or any Internet device in order to provide us the collective information regarding the usage of the site. Additionally, it helps us understand the mediums that are driving traffic to our site. As the data collected is aggregated, so individual usage of our site cannot be attributed to anyone

Important Site Features

Cookies can be placed in any operating device to provide important site features like allowing visitors to compare various commercial vans in stock and acquire enquiry form as soon as possible.

Complementary Site Features

This site may make use of Cookies for complementary purposes too. These include, displaying the vans you last browsed on the home page, etc. These functions are planned to enhance user-experience. However, if you do not want the site to install Cookies on your operating device simply disable these by using Internet Browser settings.


Copyright as well as the database right in this site are owned by Van Leasing Now. You may not republish, broadcast, copy, post or copy any content, logo, icon, image and graphic or any source code thereof without written permission from our copyright holder.

Also, you may not create or change any information in the site for any purpose other than your personal usage. On agreeing to use this site solely for lawful purposes, you accord to our terms and conditions.

Materials such as texts and images published to Van Leasing Now’s site are created for publicity purposes. We reserve the right to evaluate the submissions to our site.

Third Party Links

Third party links can be discovered on the site. However, these third party links are likely to have their privacy policy that you agree to after clicking the link. Visit the third party’s link at your own risk as we do not have any control over them and do not accept their responsibility.


We ensure that the details on the site are complete, updated and precise. On using this site, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. The site and its information including names, pictures, icons, logos and other materials are provided without any warranty. However, in particular, Van Leasing Now do not give any warranty about completeness of the information nor do we guarantee uninterrupted usage of the site or that its servers are devoid of computer viruses.

In no case Van Leasing Now will be liable to any individual for damage arising from use of information included in this site.

Software Disclaimer

Even though the software downloaded from the site is scanned thoroughly, we still suggest you to run a virus checker. Also, we recommend you to have an updated backup of the hard disk much before making use of the software. However, we cannot accept the responsibility for damage of any data when using the software.

We recommend you to consult a network administrator near your locality before installation of any software.

Our Refund policy

Any online booking will be refunded as long as cancellation is received before 24 hours. Any cancellation done after this stipulated time will be refunded half.


Our Terms and Conditions are designed agreeing to the laws of England. Any dispute arising here will be subjected to the court. If these Terms appear to be invalid and illegal, it shall be deleted from the clause. However, other Terms of Use will continue to be enforceable.

If you do not accept our Terms we advise you to stop using our site.