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The decision to buy a commercial vehicle is an important one and is in many ways pivotal to the success of your business. At Van Leasing Now, we understand the need for financial flexibility. The varied Ways to Pay and knowledgeable staff at Van Leasing Now ensure you never fall short of options on the financial front.

Hire Purchase

Your Benefits

  • Conventional vehicle financing ways

  • Fixed rates on interest on loan duration

  • Fixed payments for your varied commercial needs

  • After the agreement is made, we will, with the assumption that you have made all payments (including the purchase fee), handover the vehicle to your business

  • Since you own the vehicle, any profit derived from its sale is retained by your business

  • Writing Down Allowances are also made available

  • Customers of commercial vehicles have the option to reduce regular payments by opting for the Hire Purchase with balloon option

  • For VAT registered customers, the deposit on VAT is reclaimable

  • 100% interest charges can be offset against taxable profits

  • Best suited if you are keen on acquiring vehicle ownership

Contract Hire

Customer Benefits

  • Low deposits with options to make three monthly rentals with just as low as single payment

  • Fixed repayments for cash flow and budgeting assistance

  • Rentals 100% taxable against profits

  • Assisting line of credit for the business

  • No disposal issues or part exchange – the vehicle is given back with the close of the agreement

  • Road fund license included for the agreement term

  • Maintenance and servicing packages available (without additional costs)

  • Maintenance packages include repairs, services and tyres. These are dependant on contract types

  • You may just hand the vehicle back as the contract ends

  • Vehicles are subjected to inspection. Reconditioning costs are generally recovered from the customers; best suited for VAT registered larger fleets

  • Maintenance plans can be included with the Contract Hire for a fixed cost. This cost covers: • Routine repairs and maintenance • Tyre repairs and replacements • Exhausts • Batteries • MOTs Businesses that are registered under VAT can recover the VAT that is charged on repairs, maintenance and services. *Subject to fair wear and tear ~Exclusive of upgrades and winter tyres

Finance LeaseMembership

Your Benefits

  • Minimum capital outlay – there are typically three rentals in a month but the payment can be made just once and there can be maximum flexibility

  • Fixed repayments for cash flow and budgeting assistance

  • Assisting line of credit for business

  • Regular rentals can be reduced by choosing Finance lease with the ‘balloon’ option

  • Up to 60 months repayment period

  • VAT payments are monthly and reclaims are quarterly

  • 100% allowable rentals against taxable profits

  • Vehicle can be sold or exchanged after the contract hire term. Hirer derives up to 100% of the sales proceeds

  • Best suited for non-VAT registered businesses that have low initial deposits and need maximum flexibility

  • No mileage clauses or penalties