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Ford Van Leasing

Ford, being one of the most well-known commercial van producers in the global market, continues to launch new and technologically awe-inspiring models of vehicles every now and then. Tailored to fit the logistical requirements of business enterprises, the vans range in price from low and affordable to extravagant. Since 1917, Ford has been a dominant name in the section of high-quality, classy vehicles, something that has earned undisputed fame for the brand in the global automobile market.

However, the company’s success didn’t occur overnight. It took almost a decade to achieve their current status. And within this time period innumerable vehicles have been released in the market. Where some models gained round of applaud others received criticisms.

The Way to Success: A Brief History of Ford Vans

Ford Motor Company, instituted by Henry Ford was actually established in cooperation with Alexander Y. Malcomson (a coal dealer) and John S. Gray (German-American Bank’s president). With an objective to strengthen the recently established business, Malcomson recruited a few business partners and asked them to invest. And this has eventually brought them success that led to the final establishment of Ford Motor Company on June 16 in 1903.

Soon after that Henry Ford assumed the presidential position when subsequent clashes amongst the investors led to separation. What was good about this incident is that Ford took the leadership and it was then when the company became a huge success and the biggest car manufacturer in the US.

In the first few years, the company was involved in manufacturing their first car model, named Model A. Back then, it was designed with two cylinder combustion engines. However, after obtaining a huge profit, this model was soon replaced by its refined version, Model C. Though, this model came with a great look and was powered with a far more powerful engine, the company had to discontinue its production. Next comes, the Model K, which was although powered by six cylinder engine, failed to earn kudos because of its high pricing.

With a couple of failures, Ford launched Model T that became a big hit as it was more affordable than the other models in the line and even the middle Americans were capable of buying them. After overwhelming success of this model, Ford added many commercial vans in its fleet of vehicles. Since then the company has been manufacturing automobiles using the latest technologies.

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Ford Van Leasing Options

Van Leasing Now offers a large range of high quality Ford vehicles to select from. Alongside robust engineering our Ford lease vans provide excellent functionality.
Our collection of Ford lease vans are:

  • Ford Transit Courier Diesel
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Ford Transit Custom
  • Ford Ranger

Our dedicated customer services team can help you with your vehicle leasing query. You can therefore quickly find your desirable van pertaining to your business needs.

Ford Van Leasing Deals

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If you are on a look-out for spacious and reliable commercial vans to lease, our Ford range can be the right solution for your business needs. At Van Leasing Now, you can lease your desirable vehicles at affordable prices. With plenty of discounts you will have no difficulty in finding an extremely impressive van within your budget.

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